Photos From Chamber Music Weekend 2022

string group
Experience the joy of playing great music in a friendly supportive setting. Here a group is reading the Schubert "Great" Quintet.
two violins
Playing great music together can lead to great friendships
Piano Quintet
At Chamber Music Weekend, there is no shortage of players to read larger works such as quintets or sextets, or works which require an excellent pianist.
CMW library
CMW has an extensive chamber music library. This means that chamber groups may choose to play well-known pieces, or to get acquainted with fine works by lesser-known composers.
music library
CMW's chamber music library of well over 1300 volumes provides a rich repertoire for participants to choose from. Here we see just a portion of it.
informal chamber music concerts
string sextet

Thursday evening’s concert included a group playing the “Allegro” from Borodin’s “String Sextet”.

chamber orchestra
orchestra rehearsal
CMW Chamber Orchestra rehearsing in the Collegedale Adventist Church, an acoustically fine place to make great music.
orchestra members

Among other works this season, the Chamber Orchestra performed Five Variants on Dives and Lazarus by Ralph Vaughn Williams.

Candlelight Dinner
candlelight dinner
Two days of intense music-making and rehearsal are followed by the Friday evening Candlelight Dinner, a time of fellowship, graceful elegance, and peace.
Candlelight Dinner table
Silver touches grace the table in honor of Chamber Music Weekend's 25th season.
hymn sing
hymn sing
Following the Candlelight Dinner all are invited into the church to spend time simply singing hymns together a capella, voices blending in four-part harmony, singing together for the love of it. This, for many, is one of the most moving experiences of the weekend.
Orchestra Vespers
orchestra on stage

Saturday evening the CMW Chamber Orchestra provides a Vespers Concert for the community before beginning the rest of the evening’s activities.

reception table
Reception for participants and guests while the stage is reset for "Chamber Conversations 2"
Final Concert
piano quartet

The final concert included a performance of the Rondo from Beethoven’s Piano Quartet in E flat

Chamber Groups Making Exquisite Music
piano trio

Another treat on the final concert was the Andante con moto movement from Schubert’s Piano Trio No. 2

Mendelssohn Octet
group playing Mendelssohn

CMW closes officially on Saturday night, following the final concert, with all participants invited to come onto the stage to play Mendelssohn’s Octet in E flat major.  With players arranged in a large circle, the intensity of the ‘surround sound’ makes this a powerful and thrilling experience.

making music for the love of it
joy of playing
group playing octet

Chamber Music Weekend participants and staff enjoying the thrill of playing the Mendelssohn Octet together.