woman with viola

A Letter from the Director

Dear Musical Friend,

There is a unique quality about chamber music, something that fosters good will, sharing, happiness and satisfaction. There is an intensity to playing chamber music, a closeness with the other players, a sense of focus and mutual achievement, which is very rewarding.

Yet, how often do we take the time to experience this? Do we really allow ourselves the “re-creative” opportunities that music in general, and chamber music in particular, afford? Recreational music seems like a thing of the past. By-gone days bring thoughts of evening musicales, music parties in the homes of friends, community musical events, things which are no longer common in our fast-paced, global lives. Do we long for the “good old days”, when life was a little slower, communities and friendships simpler and more intimate?

Chamber Music Weekend brings back from the past that recreational experience of sharing good music with good friends. It brings together musicians from all over the country, for the express purpose of sharing the creation of beautiful music, of exploring chamber music repertoire and making new acquaintances. While our pace may not be considered “slow” (we pack a lot of music into a little time!), we firmly believe in the value of shared music, of mutual achievement, of making and reinforcing friendships.

We invite you to join us for a few days of re-creation as, through chamber music, we fill our souls, lift our spirits, strengthen our hearts and share our joys.


Ellen Francisco, CMW Director